About me

My name is Kristian Lund-Jensen, I was born in Esbjerg in 1985.
I lived in Billund until 2010 - after which I moved to Thisted in North Jutland.
Im now living i Holsted, just outside Esbjerg in South Jutland.

I was educated as a sheet metal worker in 2010, and worked as a sheet metal worker until 2016.
In 2016 i was educated as a technical designer, for Cimbria A/S.
Now i work as a technical desinger, near Esbjerg.
I finished my first knife in 2001, but I have only made knives on a regular basis since 2009.

I have as knifemaker chosen to make Nordic inspired knives composed of natural materials such as antlers, horns, mammoth, hippopotamus, walrus and wood in combination with pewter, silver or other metals.
I also manufacture knife sheaths, they are made of compressed leather - which will be decorated.
My hobbies are - besides the knife building - hunting with rifle and shotgun, finding fossils, history and amateur archeology.
Kristian Lund-Jensen | - DENMARK | Phone: +45 2248 4572 | kristianlund-jensen@hotmail.dk